Accentuating Hazel Eyes: A Guide to Selecting Colors in Makeup, Clothing & Accessories

Ever wondered why some colors make your hazel eyes pop while others seem to dull their shine? It’s not magic—it’s all about understanding color theory and how it applies to your unique eye color.

In this article, you’ll discover the colors that truly enhance the beauty of hazel eyes. You’ll learn why certain shades can make your eyes look more green or brown, and which hues will highlight the gold flecks that are often present in hazel eyes.

So, get ready to revamp your wardrobe and makeup palette as you dive into the fascinating world of color and its impact on your stunning hazel eyes.

Key Takeaways

  • Hazel eyes are a captivating blend of green, gold, and brown colors that can appear to change color based on varying factors like lighting and clothing.
  • By understanding color theory and referencing the color wheel, you can use colors strategically in your clothing or makeup to make hazel eyes appear more brown, green, or gold. Deliberately chosen complementary colors can enhance the multi-tone beauty of hazel eyes.
  • Certain clothing colors, such as royal blue, emerald green, or rich plum for formal wear and earthy tones like olive green, soft pink, or taupe for casual wear, are particularly effective at bringing out the different colors in hazel eyes.
  • Varieties of eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara colors can enhance the unique tints within hazel eyes. Purples, greens, and grays in eyeshadow; browns in eyeliner; and unconventional mascara colors like navy blue, green or purple can all serve to accentuate hazel eyes.
  • In terms of accessories, certain types of jewelry, like amethyst and tanzanite jewelry or golden accessories, and various clothing accessories can be used to underscore the different hues in hazel eyes.
  • Hair dye can play a pivotal role in accentuating hazel eyes. Warmer shades like auburn, dark brunette, and deep reds are particularly effective, while overly bright or ashy tones should be avoided.

Understanding Hazel Eyes

In this section, delve into the captivating world of hazel eyes. Here, you’ll explore their unique characteristics and understand how color works to enhance their natural beauty.

The Unique Features of Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes, a fascinating blend of green, gold, and brown colors, captivate and stand apart for their multi-toned nature. Unlike typical brown or blue eyes, hazel ones aren’t merely one solid color. Instead, they’re a mix of colors causing them to shift in appearance based on varying factors like lighting and clothing.

For instance, a hazel eye predominantly contains brown and green with a rim of gold around the pupil. This color formula makes them susceptible to the change in light, leading to their intriguing characteristic of appearing to shift colors in different lights. However, the exact shade of each color varies person by person, adding an extra depth of uniqueness to those with hazel eyes.

How Color Can Enhance Hazel Eyes

Given their color-changing property, it’s possible to make hazel eyes appear more brown, green, or even gold by consciously choosing colors in your clothing or makeup palette. The trick lies in understanding which colors best complement and bring out these different shades in hazel eyes.

The Color Wheel and Hazel Eyes

Immerse yourself in the science of colors. Explore how the color wheel determines the hues that bring out brown, green, or gold tints in your hazel eyes.

Complementary Colors for Hazel Eyes

On the color wheel, colors located directly across from each other are complementary, known for enhancing each other’s intensity. Given the common gold, green, and brown hues in your hazel eyes, focus on purples, blues, and deep plum colors. This approach, backed by color theory, can accentuate the unique blend of colors in your hazel eyes, making them pop. For instance, picking a deep plum eyeshadow or an indigo scarf could highlight the gold flecks.

Analogous Colors to Avoid

Meanwhile, analogous colors, adjoining on the color wheel, are to be avoided, specifically warm hues like reds, oranges and yellows, as they may dull the natural vividness of hazel eyes. Despite sharing a similar color temperature, these hues don’t quite accentuate hazel eyes, rather they potentially mute their natural beauty. For instance, avoiding a bright yellow top could save your hazel eyes from appearing lackluster. Remember, the direction of your color choices rests firmly in your knowledge of the color wheel, assisting you in either accentuating or camouflaging the distinctive hues of your hazel eyes.

Clothing Colors That Compliment Hazel Eyes

Building on color theory, you can find a vast array of clothing colors that enhance your hazel eyes. These are clothes hues that you can leverage for both formal and casual wear. In each category, you’ll find shades that will emphasize the green, gold, or brown tones in your eyes, based on your preference.

Shades for Formal Wear

When it comes to formal wear, consider colors you might find on the cooler end of the color wheel. Opt for shades like royal blue, emerald green, or rich plum.

  1. Royal Blue: This bold color can dramatically contrast with your eyes, which draws attention to their unique blend of tones.
  2. Emerald Green: Wearing this color, similar to the green found in your eyes, accentuates the green hues and brings a refreshing edge to your look.
  3. Rich Plum: A deeper shade, plum taps into the darkest undertones of hazel eyes and offers a sophisticated balance.

Take note of wearing metallic colors, particularly silver and gold, for formal occasions, elevating the gold flecks in your eyes.

Casual Wear Colors for Hazel Eyes

Casual wear allows for more flexibility in your color choices. Aim for earthy tones and pastel colors, such as olive green, soft pink, or taupe.

  1. Olive Green: Emphasizes the green in your eyes and works well with more casual, laid-back outfits.
  2. Soft Pink: It’s an unexpectedly effective color for hazel eyes; the soft romantic color of pink contrasts and softens the boldness of hazel.
  3. Taupe: A neutral color that doesn’t overpower the complexity of hazel and is incredibly versatile in casual wear.

Remember, always opt for clothing colors that make you feel confident. It’s about enhancing your natural beauty, focusing not only on your eyes but also your overall look and style.

Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes

Now that you’re familiar with wardrobe color choices, it’s time to delve into the particulars for choosing makeup that will accentuate your unique hazel eyes.

Choosing the Right Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow vastly influences the perception of your eye color. For hazel eyes, opt for shades aligning with the cooler part of the spectrum, like purples, greens, and grays. These hues have the potential to exemplify the beautiful complexities of hazel eyes. Consider lavender, violet, and amethyst on the purple end of the spectrum. These shades enhance the green and gold flecks in your eyes, making them stand out. On the green side, shades like mocha, sage, and olive do wonders to bring out the browns and gold in hazel eyes. With grays, slate and silver are ideal picks; they’re versatile, boost the green undertones in hazel eyes, and make the gold flecks pop. Always remember, the eyeshadow’s aim isn’t just to add a pop of color to your lids, but also to help bring out the colors within your eyes to make them shine brighter.

Selecting Eyeliner and Mascara Colors

Eyeliner and mascara play pivotal roles in enhancing hazel eyes’ multitones. Choosing colors for these makeup elements requires deliberate thought to amplify their impact. Plant your interest in the rich color family of browns for eyeliner. Espresso, chocolate, and bronze can draw attention to the stunning mix of brown and green in hazel eyes. Quite a contrast to conventional makeup wisdom, but there’s a nod towards blue when it comes to mascara. Navy blue mascara, in particular, makes the whites of your eyes appear brighter, and at the same time, it highlights the diverseness of hazel eyes. Don’t shy away from trying unconventional colors like green and purple mascaras too; they can make hazel eyes look magical. The journey to finding the perfect eyeliner and mascara colors may involve trial and error; however, once you nail it, your eyes will captivate attention at every glance.

Accessorizing to Highlight Hazel Eyes

Accessories not only complete an outfit, but they also deliver an excellent opportunity to accentuate hazel eyes further. Here, you’ll discover a variety of accessories that can enhance your beautiful hazel eyes.

Jewelry That Makes Hazel Eyes Pop

Selecting jewelry to liven up your hazel eyes isn’t as complicated as you might think. Consider stones that complement the unique colors inherent in your hazel eyes.

  • Amethyst and Tanzanite jewelry, with their rich purple hues, provide a striking contrast, drawing out green undertones.
  • Opting for emeralds, known for their vivid green color, supplements the green pigments found in your eyes.
  • Gold and bronze pieces, like a delicate necklace or chic earrings, can magnify golden flecks within your eyes.

Moreover, you can explore jewelry with reflections or sparkle to create a dazzling effect and bring attention to your eyes. Take, for example, jewelry with crystalline structures or faceted gemstones.

Scarves, Hats, and Glasses for Hazel Eye Accentuation

Clothing accessories like scarves, hats, and glasses offer another venue to highlight your hazel eyes.

  • When selecting scarves, gravitate toward those with purples, deep plums, and shades of blue, mirroring previous wardrobe suggestions for hazel eyes.
  • Choosing hats that frame your face, such as ones in earthy browns or green undertones, showcases your hazel eyes effectively.
  • For those who wear glasses, try frames that highlight your eyes subtly. Clear frames, or ones with a hint of light blue or purple, can accentuate the unique colors in your hazel eyes.

By incorporating these accessories into your fashion choices, you’re sure to enhance the mesmerizing effect of your hazel eyes further.

Color Choices in Hair Dye for Hazel Eyes

Following adornments and makeup shades, hair color also plays a pivotal role in enhancing the captivating characteristics of your hazel eyes. It’s an accessory in itself, often overlooked but vital in forming a harmonious visual impact. In this section, we delve into the best colors for hair dye, while also advising on shades to steer clear of to make your hazel eyes truly stand out.

Hair Colors to Amplify Hazel Eye Hues

In the quest for ideal hair shades, warmer colors offer complimentary contrast to hazel eyes. A reddish-brown color, such as auburn, parallels the green hues in hazel eyes magnificently, amplifying their effect. Dark brunette shades provide a deep, rich backdrop, making your eyes pop. You might be surprised that many blondes, particularly golden blonde or honey blonde, sync harmoniously with the warm undertones found in hazel eyes. However, insure to avoid overly bright blondes, as the intensity can make hazel eyes appear faded.

For a more daring approach, you might turn to colors like plum, burgundy, or ruby red. These warm, powerful hues mesh well with the complexities of hazel eyes, emphasizing their diverse strands of color.

Hair ColorEffect on Hazel Eyes
AuburnAmplifies green hues
Dark BrunetteMakes eyes pop by providing a rich backdrop
Golden/Honey BlondeHarmonizes with warm undertones
Plum/Burgundy/Ruby RedEmphasizes diverse strands of color

Colors to Avoid in Hair Dye

While certain hair colors heighten the allure of hazel eyes, others may deter from their beauty. Light, ashy tones, for instance, can drain the life out of hazel eyes, making them appear lackluster. These shades do little to complement the complex interplay of colors that hazel eyes showcase. Similarly, overly bleached or platinum blondes may wash out the color, failing to provide the contrast necessary for your eyes to truly shine.

Hence, when deciding on a hair color, aim for those that underscore the diverse pigments in your hazel eyes and avoid shades that overshadow or mute their natural radiance. With the right hair color, you can beautifully frame your face and emphasize the charm of your hazel eyes.


So, you’ve got the power to make your hazel eyes pop! From your wardrobe and makeup to accessories and hair color, you’ve got a world of color choices at your fingertips. Don’t shy away from purples, blues, and metallics in your outfits, and let shades of purples, greens, and browns grace your eyelids. Your mascara can be a game-changer too. Navy blue, green, or purple can truly make your eyes stand out. Accessorize with amethyst, tanzanite, emerald, gold, or bronze jewelry to complement your eyes. Don’t forget, your hair color can be a frame for your eyes. Auburn, dark brunette, or golden blonde can amplify your eye color. But remember, steer clear of light ashy tones and overly bleached blondes. They might take away from your hazel eyes’ beauty. Now, go out there and let your hazel eyes shine!

Accentuating hazel eyes with the right colors in makeup, clothing, and accessories can enhance their unique beauty. Allure recommends using earthy tones and warm shades in makeup to bring out the green and gold flecks in hazel eyes. Additionally, InStyle suggests choosing clothing in jewel tones like emerald and amethyst to complement hazel eyes and make them stand out.

What wardrobe colors enhance hazel eyes?

Wearing purples, blues, and metallic tones can greatly enhance the finish of hazel eyes due to their contrasting color values. Such colors make hazel eyes stand out more.

Can makeup be used to highlight hazel eyes?

Absolutely. Makeup in shades of purples, greens, and browns are particularly recommended. Additionally, using navy blue mascara or unconventional colors like green and purple can make hazel eyes pop.

What type of jewelry complements hazel eyes?

Jewelry pieces with amethyst, tanzanite, emeralds, gold, and bronze can effectively highlight and compliment hazel eyes due to their resonating color palette.

Can accessories also accentuate hazel eyes?

Yes, indeed! Accessories like scarves, hats, and glasses can accentuate hazel eyes. Color choices should align with those suggested for makeup and wardrobe.

How important is hair color in enhancing hazel eyes?

Hair color plays a critical role in enhancing hazel eyes. Auburn, dark brunette, and golden blonde shades underscore the hazel color while light ashy tones and overly bleached blondes are less flattering.