Mastering Men’s Fashion: Choosing the Perfect Color Pocket Square in 2023

Ever wondered how to elevate your suit game? The answer might be as simple as the color of your pocket square. This small yet impactful accessory can make or break your entire look. But how do you know which color to choose?

Navigating the world of men’s fashion isn’t always easy. You’re not alone if you’re unsure about the rules for matching pocket squares with your attire. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

In this article, we’ll explore the art of selecting the perfect color pocket square. We’ll delve into the dos and don’ts, and provide you with practical tips to ensure you’re always looking sharp. So, let’s dive in and unravel this fashion mystery together.

Key Takeaways

  • A pocket square is an essential element that can elevate men’s suit fashion by adding a touch of elegance and style.
  • The material of the pocket square, be it silk, linen, cotton, or wool, greatly influences the overall effect it has on the suit, offering versatility across formal and casual settings.
  • Selecting the right color pocket square is not merely about matching; striking balance between coordinating and contrasting with your suit is key to a harmonious outfit.
  • The choice of bold or subtle colored pocket squares should align with your personal style, the occasion, and even your mood, making it either a sharp statement or a touch of casual elegance.
  • Pocket square colors communicate individual style and personality. For example, red signifies power and passion, while blue suggests calmness and reliability.
  • Mastering pocket square color matching for different occasions involves the principle of context. Classic colors for formal events, deeper tones for semi-formal settings, and vibrant shades for casual gatherings are recommended.
  • Trends for pocket square colors in 2023 include lively tones that match the seasons and inspirations from celebrities, stepping away from traditional monotonous colors.

Understanding Pocket Square Basics

Enriching your style savvy, we’re now diving deep into the basics of pocket squares, shedding light on their role in men’s fashion as well as the influence of materials and textures. Retaining the coherence from the previous context, this section will impart knowledge on these indispensable details.

The Role of a Pocket Square in Men’s Fashion

Creativity infused with elegance, a pocket square serves as the defining element in men’s fashion. Teamed with a suit, it adds a corking touch, making a style statement. Accessory plays, like a pocket square, act as a sprinkle of stylish panache, leaving a lasting impression.

Consider the pocket square as your secret weapon. Not serving any functional purpose, it brings a wave of significant variation to your suit fashion. Pairing with a matching tie, or a contrasting yet harmonious color, it ties your look together, echoing suaveness in the subtlest way.

Influence of color gets center-stage here. Selection of rich colors in your pocket squares can lead you to fashion dominance, while pastels or lighter shades may provide a touch of understated elegance. It’s evidence of a well-dressed man, displaying the fine tack of his stylistic scale.

Pocket Square Materials and Textures

Material and texture of pocket squares further influence the overall effect. Silk pocket squares bring a smooth and shiny look, adding an aura of sophistication when folded creatively. Rich in pattern and color, they reflect the vibrant side of your wardrobe.

On the other hand, linen pocket squares offer a robust texture, befitting for a casual or semi-formal outfit. They emit a rustic charm, adding dimension to your trouser suit.

Cotton pocket squares toe the line between formal and casual, proving to be versatile. Their soft texture enhances any suit, setting a tone of comfort yet stylishness.

And wool pocket squares, rich in texture, bestow a fall or winter ready look. Their dense, warm texture contributes a gravitas to your suit, showcasing the seasonal essence of men’s fashion.

Familiarize yourself with these basics and soon, you’ll master the art of adorning pocket squares, symbolizing a keen sense of style.

Choosing the Right Color Pocket Square

In the world of men’s fashion, mastery of small details often serves as a distinguishing mark of sophistication. Harnessing this power of subtlety, pocket squares, although small, add depth to a suit. Their colors further set the tone, ranging from inducing an aura of seriousness to stressing casual elegance.

Matching Your Pocket Square to Your Suit

The art of matching your pocket square to your suit dives deeper than mere color alignment. It’s about striking a balance between coordination and contrast, inducing harmony without redundancy. A perfect selection of pocket square color, complementing your suit, fuels your outfit’s overall aesthetic consistency.

An approach to achieve balance involves pairing a standard navy or charcoal suit with a white or cream pocket square, a routinely safe and stylish option. Alternatively, for patterned suits, pick out one of the secondary colors present in your suit and find a pocket square that matches it.

Consider, for instance, if you’re donning a navy suit with a subtle blue check—you could opt for a light blue pocket square. This creates a delicate balance, allowing your pocket square to complement your suit without overpowering it. Moreover, it amplifies the subtlety of the check pattern, enriching the outfit’s overall texture.

When to Choose Bold or Subtle Colors

Pocket square selection extends beyond the outfit of the day – it aligns with your personal style, intended occasion, and even mood. Determining whether to choose bold or subtle colored pocket squares depends largely on the context.

For more conservative environments or formal events, sticking to classic colors (e.g., white, cream, light blue) and subtle patterns can project a professional and polished image. However, feel free to roam into bold color territories in more casual scenarios or events where making a stylish statement is acceptable.

An example would be a black-tie event where a red pocket square can add a dash of festive spirit to your tuxedo. Or perhaps, at a summer wedding, a bright yellow pocket square could complement your light gray suit, echoing the warmth and jovial atmosphere.

Remember to keep the rest of your ensemble relatively muted if you’re opting for a bold pocket square. This ensures the pocket square remains a complementary accessory rather than eclipsing the rest of your outfit in terms of visual interest.

The correct color pocket square plays a transformative role in your suit ensemble. By considering your suit, occasion, and personal style, you can utilize pocket squares to deliver nuanced messages while elevating your sartorial game.

The Impact of Different Colors

Building on the earlier discussion about the transformative role of pocket squares, this section will delve deeper into the impact of different colors. Specifically, we’ll detail what each color says about your personal style and how best to match colors for different occasions. Remember, it’s all about striking that perfect balance between coordination and contrast.

What Each Color Says About Your Style

Each pocket square color carries unique implications about your style, presenting an opportunity to make a statement or highlight certain aspects of your personality.

Red, for instance, often signifies power and passion, making it a go-to choice for events requiring assertiveness. Wearing a rich, red pocket square, you’re seemingly airing confidence.

Blue pocket squares, on the other hand, denote calmness and trustworthiness, perfect for business or professional settings. This color communicates that you’re level-headed and reliable.

Yellow communicates positivity and energy, hence a yellow pocket square can infuse sophistication and a dash of vibrancy into your ensemble. It’s ideal when you want to exude an optimistic demeanor.

Black pocket squares portray elegance and measured reserve, suitable for formal occasions. Donning a black pocket square reflects impeccable taste and poise.

How to Match Colors for Different Occasions

Mastering pocket square color matching for different occasions involves grasping the principle of context.

For formal occasions such as black-tie events, you’re bound to stick with classic colors like white, black, or silver. White cotton or linen pocket squares impart a polished, traditional look, while black adds a pinch of modern sophistication.

For semi-formal or business settings, colors like navy blue, burgundy, or dark green are recommended. A navy blue pocket square often proves versatile, pairing well with a range of suit colors while maintaining professionalism.

Lastly, for casual affairs or social events, you’re at liberty to opt for vibrant colors or prints. Colors like pink, orange, or polka dots are viable choices. Brightly colored pocket squares or ones with expressive patterns can beautifully accentuate your ensemble, adding an element of fun and creativity.

Trendy Color Combinations for 2023

Seasonal Trends in Pocket Square Colors

Chasing the trend, men’s fashion experience shades that mirror the vibrancy of the four seasons. Drawing from authoritative prognostications for 2023, the year sidelines monotonous colors for lively tones.

Springtime, as instances showcase, makes shades of lavender and turquoise popular, resonating with the bloom. Pair these pocket squares with light grey or tan suits for a crisp look. The warmth of summer calls for brighter colors. Opt for pocket squares in neon pink or electric blue, presented aptly against contrasting white or black suits.

The foliage of autumn inspires colors such as burnt orange and forest green. These colors pair well with earth-toned or navy blue suits, bringing a balanced earthy palette to the fore. Lastly, winter calls in a retreat to solemnity with deeper hues like plum and burgundy against grey or charcoal suits, echoing the colder months’ ambiance.

Celebrity Style Inspirations

Celebrities, being fashion frontrunners, often manifest superior color choices that become trendy. Notable figures have set the stage for 2023’s opulent color palette.

Ryan Gosling, for one, made waves with his tonal ensemble. His classic tuxedo paired with a forest green pocket square is set to make a comeback in 2023. Gosling’s preference for analogous color schemes, that is, colors beside each other on the color wheel, serves as a great takeaway for aesthetic consistency.

Authoritative sources predict a 2023 resurgence of David Beckham’s iconic pairing of crimson red pocket squares with his black suits, ideal for formal gatherings. The sharp contrast, deemed aesthetically pleasing, implies the boldness that a red pocket square can bring.

Lastly, the elegant yet understated combinations sported by Tom Hiddleston recently have been gaining traction. His choice of a lavender pocket square with his grey suit signals an embodiment of grace and style, forecasted to be a preferred trend in 2023.

Overall, 2023’s pocket square color trends promise vividness and dynamism, a step away from the conventional. Fancy yourself a colorful pocket square and see how your style statement leaps forth! Engage with the mentioned color combinations, taking cues from celebrity style inspirations, driving your 2023 fashion journey.


You’ve seen how the right pocket square color can elevate your style, make a statement, and set the tone for your outfit. You’ve learned about the basics, how to coordinate colors, and when to go bold or subtle. You’ve discovered the power of red, the calmness of blue, the positivity of yellow, and the elegance of black. You’ve also explored the trending color combinations for 2023, inspired by the seasons and celebrity style. Now it’s your turn to experiment and find the perfect color pocket square that complements your suit and reflects your personality. Remember, it’s not just about matching your suit but also about expressing your style and making a statement. So go ahead, embrace the vibrant and dynamic colors of 2023, and let your pocket square do the talking!

Mastering men’s fashion in 2023 involves choosing the perfect color pocket square to enhance your outfit. According to GQ, coordinating your pocket square with other elements of your attire, such as your tie or shirt, can create a polished and cohesive look. Additionally, Esquire suggests experimenting with bold colors and patterns to add a touch of personality and flair to your ensemble.

What is the significance of pocket squares in men’s fashion?

Pocket squares play a crucial role in enhancing a suit ensemble. They offer a color contrast and can effectively set the tone of an outfit, conveying various messages about personal style.

Which materials are commonly used for pocket squares?

The most common materials for pocket squares are silk, linen, cotton, and wool. These fabrics lend a distinct texture and flair to your outfit.

Why is color coordination of a pocket square important?

Color coordination in a pocket square contributes to aesthetic consistency. It adds a pop of color, balancing coordination and contrast in your suit ensemble.

What does each pocket square color signify?

The significance of pocket square colors varies. Red denotes power and passion, blue signifies calmness and trust, yellow represents positivity and energy, and black suggests elegance and reserve.

How to match pocket square color for various occasions?

The choice of pocket square color should be based on the nature of the event. For formal events, subtle colors are preferable while for casual events or parties, bold colors can create a vibrant look.

What are the trendy pocket square color combinations for 2023?

The trending color combinations for 2023 range from spring’s lavender and turquoise, summer’s neon pink and electric blue, autumn’s burnt orange and forest green, to winter’s plum and burgundy.

Who are some celebrity style inspirations for pocket squares?

Some style inspirations for pocket squares include Ryan Gosling’s forest green, David Beckham’s crimson red, and Tom Hiddleston’s lavender pocket square. These choices greatly influence the current fashion trends.