Our Team

Sofi Lindberg has always been captivated by the power of colors and their profound impact on daily life. From a young age, she was fascinated by the way different hues can influence mood, perception, and even behavior. Her passion for colors led her to pursue a life dedicated to understanding and teaching others about the color spectrum and its endless possibilities.

Sofi’s journey into the world of colors began with her exploration into various artistic mediums, where she experimented with paint, fabric, and digital media to see how different combinations affected the aesthetic and emotional outcome of art. Her explorations provided a deep understanding of color theory, which soon translated into a broader interest in practical applications of color in everyday life.

Over the years, Sofi has become a respected color expert, known for her ability to simplify complex concepts into engaging and easily understandable lessons. Her expertise covers a range of topics, from the secrets of color mixing, which helps artists and hobbyists create the perfect shades for their projects, to creating rainbows with scientific and artistic methods that delight and educate children and adults alike.

Sofi’s work also extends to solving practical color problems. She provides innovative solutions for brightening dark spaces, which enhances the ambiance of a room without the need for extensive renovations. Additionally, she offers strategies for fixing common paint issues, helping homeowners and decorators achieve professional-looking results with fewer frustrations.

Her insights into mood colors meaning are particularly valued, as she helps individuals and businesses understand how different colors can alter environments and influence human feelings and behaviors. This knowledge is crucial for anyone looking to design spaces, whether personal or professional, that can evoke specific emotions or create desired atmospheres.

Sofi Lindberg is driven by a desire to share her knowledge and passion for colors with others. She believes that a deeper understanding of colors can not only enhance one’s artistic skills but also improve one’s quality of life by making more informed decisions about the use of color in personal and professional environments. Through her workshops, written content, and consultations, Sofi continues to inspire and assist those eager to explore the vibrant world of colors.

Email: sofi@colorsareflying.com